Welcome to the New Sheridan Club!

We're an amiable bunch of coves, given to doffing our hats to ladies, twirling both canes and moustaches (sometimes simultaneously, if we haven't had too much to drink yet) and devoting at least half an hour each morning to perfecting our tie knots.

Of course, if you're a lady yourself, you don't have to grow a moustache or doff to yourself in the mirror. In fact, ladies make up roughly half our membership, even though the origins of the club might seem rather gent-orientated.

What do we do? We simply meet, to quaff ale, chat about this and that, admire each other's tweed suits and listen to wind-up gramophones. Membership simply gives you access to the other members and the events at which you might meet them. We also offer a listings service that includes not just our own events but those third-party happenings we think might appeal to you. So feel free to poke around the Club with a stick, probe its fusty crevices and, if you like what you see, perhaps you'd care to contact us about joining up.

Chin chin!

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